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Who is Johnna Duke?

          Witches have deep connections to Mother Earth  They are motherly, understanding, compassionate and naturally intuitive.  They are also honest, strong, protective.  This is Johnna Duke.  She has your best interest at heart.  Johnna will be there for you to guide you towards real solutions.

            Johnna is an internationally recognized Intuitive and a trained, experienced Witch who understands herbalism, spellcrafting, and divination.  For over 30 years Johnna has been helping people improve their lives with her uncanny intuitive gifts and her solid spellwork.  She is honest, with a no - nonsense approach that she stands by in her life.  Johnna will help you find solutions that fit your needs and help turn prosperity your way.  As a Reiki Master and Herbalist, Johnna understands how to help heal wounds, both emotionally and physically.  She is compassionate and warm to helping people live healthy and happy lives.